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REVIEW: Million Dollar Arm

This should have been a warm, fuzzy film that makes you tear up.  Problem is, the only time I came close was at the end, when photos were shown of the real-life teens from India who signed contracts with the Pittsburgh Pirates.  P.S.  In real life, there was no Hollywood ending.  Both players stayed stuck in the minors .

While this is ostensibly a sports movie, the story of the players is overshadowed by the journey of sports agent J.B. Bernstein ( an ever charming Jon Hamm)  and his real-life (THAT was a surprise) love story with the girl-next-store , played by a winning Lake Bell. They’re joined by “Life Of Pi” star Suraj Sharma and “Slumdog Millionaire’s”  Madhur Mittal as well as Aasif Manduri (2004’s“Spider-Man 2”), Bill Paxton (“Big Love”)  and Alan Arkin, who literally sleeps through most of the film.  This has to be his cushiest gig ever!!!  This 80 year old gets hotter and hotter in the biz every year he ages.  Great for him!!

This fish-out-of-water tale is, at times, touching and humorous but at 2-plus hours, it gets boring. Easily, a half hour could  be cut. 

I always say I’ve never met a sports movie I didn’t like.  Well,  this time, it’s more a Facebook-like than a real like.


2 stars


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